Top 4 Benefits of Staying at Furnished Apartments

If you're travelling out of town on business for a couple of weeks and you're in the process of looking for accommodations, why not consider furnished apartments? These hold several benefits and advantages over hotel rooms and might be a better choice for you and others in your party. Not only is this growing in popularity, but you can get a short term rental that will be far more economical. Let's look at some reasons why it's a better option than most.

1. You Can Blend In Like A Citizen

If you stay in a hotel, it really does have a "tourist-like" feel to it, doesn't it? Everything is all posh and high- class and while there's nothing wrong in this, a furnished apartment is very much part of the neighbourhood. You stay in a place that will have laundromats, convenient stores, parks and see everyday people living their lives. In a hotel, even the surrounding areas seem like they were built like a utopian society, so it has a less down-to-earth feeling about it.

2. It's Cheaper
Now that furnished apartments have really taken off, you get to stay in a really nice apartment with all the convenient amenities associated with it. It's much cheaper than a hotel room. It's quiet and you can unwind as if it's your own home. You don't have to worry about taking on a furnished apartment for a certain minimum period. There are short-term leases available and the price will be a fraction of what you'll pay for a hotel. You'll have more money to spend on yourself!

3. Privacy
For some people, privacy and "me time" is a big thing and that's completely understandable. In a furnished apartment, you're basically in your 'own home'. You can even do your own cooking (try THAT in a hotel room) and you're not really exposed to many people. In a hotel, you may have people coming in to tidy the room and if you need something, you've got to call. Here, you're in your own world just doing your own thing.

4. Residence & Conference Centres
You could also stay in a Residence & Conference Centre. You get quality service and it's also very economical and you'll have access to a conference service. There are so many benefits to choosing this option as well. You will have cable TV, on-site laundry and depending on what package you have, you could have a games room, movie theatre, business centre services, a complimentary breakfast and much more.

Accommodations are so much more affordable compared to a hotel and you'll have more money in your pocket to spend on yourself and your family. It's easy to see why these places are now so popular and successful. If you would like to learn more, visit Premiere Suites for additional resources.